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The Step-by-Step

Marketing Guide

for Beginner Photographers

How to Book Your Ideal Clients in 30 Days 

(Without spending money on advertising!)

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How would it feel to get a steady stream of inquiries with one small investment??

IMG_6495 - Chelsea Reed.jpg

"I'm almost drowning in inquiries because I chose the perfect model for my portfolio building session and now mamas are pouring in!!"

- Chelsea Reed Photography

What You Get...

This Marketing Guide is a Downloadable Interactive PDF that walks you through how to run a successful marketing campaign.
The 50-page guide includes:

Section 1: Planning Your Campaign

​- 3 Introductory/Planning Videos

- How to Use the Guide

- Choosing the Right Campaign for YOU

- The Planning Process

Section 2: Planning Resources

​- 15 Campaign Ideas + Examples: There isn't a "one size fits all" campaign. Choose the one that works for you!

​- 30 Day Marketing Campaign Calendar

​- 30 Day Marketing Content Calendar

Section 3: Implementing Your Campaign

- Daily Objectives: The nitty gritty "what to do each day"

- Daily Checklists: So there's no guess work & you can cross off your progress as you go

- Bonus Resources: Tools to help you easily implement your action steps

Including worksheets, email/messenger scripts, social media prompts, graphic templates, + more

***IMPORTANT:  This guide is written in a way that can be completed in 30 consecutive days, but does not have to be.

It's a go-at-your-own-pace resource.

What Customers Are Saying...

Stephanie Bailey Photography.jpg

"I learned new ways to market myself and felt confident in my special offer!


I booked 9 sessions from the campaign I ran using this eBook (paying over $300 per session)!!!"

- Stephanie Bailey Photography


"Girllllll. Seriously, your ebook has been such a game changer for my business. I've gained about 70 followers in the past month and booked 8 shoots plus 1 monthly contract!

I'm forever thankful for you believing and putting in time to help other photographers!"

Emily Albright Photo.jpeg

"I saw a huge spike in my inquiries and bookings! I went from getting 1-2 inquiries a week to getting around 10 a week!

I had no idea how to market myself, and this ebook taught me and gave me confidence."

- Emily Albright Photo

- Whole Hearted Collective Co


About Me

Hey there!  I'm Kelly, the creator of this Marketing Guide. Nice to "meet" you!

I am a bit of a marketing nerd and I truly believe that as a photographer, your marketing plan is more important than your photography skills. Think about it ... If you become a PHENOMENAL photographer but you have no marketing skills, how are you going to get clients?

After studying Strategic Communications and Public Relations in college, I worked as a PR and Social Media Specialist for a non-profit. Years of continued education and practice enabled me to launch a successful full-time photography business and surpass my income that I made at my previous job. You can do that too!!!

Is This Guide For You?

The guide IS for you if you:

  • Are a beginner photographer

  • Are pivoting to a different niche

  • Currently get 0-4 bookings per month

  • Photograph portraits/families/branding/couples/pets

  • Don't know how to run a marketing campaign

  • Want to quickly build a profitable portfolio

  • Struggle with what to post on social media

  • Want to leverage Instagram

  • Get momentum and create a "buzz"

The guide IS NOT for you if you:

  • Are a seasoned photographer

  • Already get 5+ bookings per month

  • Receive regular inquiries in your inbox

  • Have a firm, strong portfolio

  • Hate Instagram

  • Are against running campaigns

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see marketing advice online all the time. How is this different?

A: This guide is geared SPECIFICALLY towards photographers, so each campaign idea is tailored to your industry. It also includes action steps for everything and instructional videos/worksheets/etc. to help you succeed just like I did!

Q: When will I start seeing results?

A: If you truly put in the work and complete each of the action steps leading up to your campaign launch, you should start seeing results by the time you finish the book. That means you could see results within 30 days if you complete the daily actions consecutively. If you work a day job, take care of children, or see this as a part time gig right now, it will likely take you up to 3 months. That's normal!!! The more time you spend on each step, the better results you will get.

Q: Does it work for wedding photographers?

A: It's made more for portraits/couples/families/etc., but wedding photographers can CERTAINLY see results with it. The only thing is that you may not see results as quickly since weddings are booked so far in advance.

Q: Do you guarantee success or offer refunds?

A: Because of the nature of this book, I cannot guarantee success and do not offer refunds. It's up to you to implement the steps and use the strategies in your business. What I can tell you is that I have never received a bad review and every customer has been extremely happy with their business growth after purchasing!

Q: Does it require me to spend money on my business?

A: Nope!! That's the beauty of it. Every marketing strategy I teach in this book is free. Paid advertising can be an amazing push for your business one day, but as a beginner it's not necessary.

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