The Step-by-Step

Marketing Guide

for Beginner Photographers

How to Book Your Ideal Clients in 30 Days 

(Without spending money on advertising!)

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How would it feel to get a steady stream of inquiries with one small investment??

"I'm almost drowning in inquiries because I chose the perfect model for my portfolio building session and now mamas are pouring in!!"

- Chelsea Reed Photography

What You Get...

This Marketing Guide is a Downloadable Interactive PDF that walks you through how to run a successful marketing campaign.


The 45-page guide includes:

Section 1: Overview of Marketing Campaigns

​- Intro Video that Covers:

- What is a Marketing Campaign?

- How to Use Marketing Campaigns to Increase Your Bookings

- Choosing the Right Campaign for You

Section 2: Campaign Calendar

​- A Large Picture Timeline Overview

Section 3: Implement Your Campaign

​- 15 Campaign Options: There isn't a "one size fits all" campaign. Choose the one that works for you!

- 30 Day Action Step Calendar: The nitty gritty "what to do each day"

- Daily Action Steps + Checklists: So there's no guess work & you can cross off your progress as you go

- Bonus Resources: Tools to help you easily implement your action steps

Including worksheets, email/messenger scripts, social media prompts, graphic templates, + more

***IMPORTANT:  This guide is written in a way that can be completed in 30 consecutive days, but does not have to be.

It's a go-at-your-own-pace resource.

What Beta Testers Are Saying...

"I learned new ways to market myself and felt confident in my special offer!


I booked 9 sessions from the campaign I ran using this eBook (paying over $300 per session)!!!"

- Stephanie Bailey Photography

"Girllllll. Seriously, your ebook has been such a game changer for my business. I've gained about 70 followers in the past month and booked 8 shoots plus 1 monthly contract!

I'm forever thankful for you believing and putting in time to help other photographers!"

"I saw a huge spike in my inquiries and bookings! I went from getting 1-2 inquiries a week to getting around 10 a week!

I had no idea how to market myself, and this ebook taught me and gave me confidence."

- Emily Albright Photo

- Whole Hearted Collective Co

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