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4 Things I Do Differently as a Branding Photographer

Branding photography is different than shooting weddings or for families! That's why it's so important to hire a photographer who specializes in branding.

My clients work so hard on their businesses and I aim to deliver perfect photos to meet their professional goals!

Here's how I do that:

  • I spend time understanding my clients' goals for their business and for our photoshoot. Their goals can greatly affect the shots we get.⁠⁠

  • I come to each shoot prepared with a shoot plan. With weddings you prepare a timeline and maybe a shot list, but branding shoot plans are more about brand details, props, locations, styles, poses, etc.⁠⁠ To maximize my time and theirs, I make a plan!

  • I make a point to get a very large variety of images. We plan for outfit changes, location changes, and intentional props so my client has a large gallery of unique images. This is soooo important because then you can use your photos on social media without things looking repetitive.⁠⁠

  • I actually encourage indoor sessions! Unlike family photography, branding photos often look the best when they are indoors. It definitely depends on your brand, vision, and goals, but I do often prefer indoors sessions!! Perks are that we know it won't get rescheduled because of weather, AND I can control the lighting to make sure your images are consistent with my style.⁠⁠ :)

If you've ever thought about working with me but don't know exactly what that would look like ...

Let's chat! You can see all my branding packages here. If you decide you're interested, just fill out my contact form and we will get on a call!

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