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4 Ways to Reduce Camera Anxiety

If you get nervous in front of the camera, you are not alone! Here are 4 quick tips for reducing you anxiety in front of the camera.

1. ⁠ Ignore the camera at first

When I start off with my sessions 99% of the time I will have you look away or do an action. This will allow you to get in the groove without feeling like the camera is all up in your grill.⁠⠀


2. Play music

I don’t always do this but having some background music helps set the mood 🤣because for many music has relaxing abilities!⁠⠀


3️. Hire professional hair + makeup

Opt to get your hair and makeup done. This will help boost your confidence and it really helps you glow during your session!⁠⠀

4. Rely on your photographer!!!

Last but not least … Trust your photographer and let them guide you!! It's their job to make you feel comfortable. You shouldn't have to do all the work! 🙌🏼


If you've ever thought about working with me but don't know exactly what that would look like ...

Let's chat! You can see all my branding packages here or headshot packages here. If you decide you're interested, just fill out my contact form and we will get on a call!

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