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How to Create a Week of Social Media Content in 30 Minutes

Everyone knows that "consistency is key" ... But being consistent is A LOT harder than it sounds.

You're supposed to post every single day AND use relevant hashtags on every photo?? And you can't use the same hashtags or instagram will be mad?!?

Sounds like too much work. 🤷🏼‍♀️

What if I told you I create a week of social media content every Monday in only 30 minutes?

AND because of that, I get inquiries EVERY SINGLE WEEK from Instagram! People always tell me they found me through a hashtag. Woohoo!!!

Here's how I do it:

I plan everything in one FREE app called Later.

I took screenshots of my dashboard and labelled all of my favorite FREE features for you!

Take a look.

Of course if you pay for the paid version you will get even more features like "first comment," best time to post, and hashtag suggestions. But honestly, I use the free version and it is perfect for me!

I simply plug in the photos I want to use for the week, type up helpful captions for my audience (I have a sheet I refer to with my main core message points), and then I choose a hashtag set to go with it. Easy peasy!

One thing I will note about auto-publishing vs manual publishing (via push notification) - the auto-publish feature of ALL scheduling platforms will reduce the quality of your photo on instagram. This is an issue for me as a photographer because the quality is what I'm getting paid for. But, if you're a busy business owner who doesn't have time to manually post every day, the auto-publish quality is still great and is TOTALLY worth the convenience!!! Just something to consider and maybe test out for yourself. :)

Let me know if you have any questions, and happy scheduling!!

Ps. If you are a photographer, be sure to check out my ebook, "The Step-by-Step Marketing Guide for Beginner Photographers." It's basically a marketing roadmap to get more bookings!

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