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How to Get Amazing Testimonials

We live in a world where consumers rarely buy a product or service without first checking their reviews, so it's incredibly important that we have amazing testimonials to show them! ⁠

But unfortunately, sometimes when we ask people to leave a review it can be pretty generic.⁠

Here's how to make sure you get testimonials that will CONVERT your leads into clients!! :)

  • Before a session, think about the barriers your customers feel. Maybe they think they will be uncomfortable in front of the camera or don't know the right way to pose.

  • During the session, listen for affirmations that you proved that wrong. They might say how comfortable and easy the shoot was!

  • After the session, reach out to them and remind them of what they said. Ask if they would mind writing a testimonial for you because it will help other clients who are experiencing the same thing!

  • To make it easier for them, write out the testimonial for them and ask if it would be ok for you to use it on your website or social media. Often clients are so excited to help and are grateful that you created the testimonial for them!

This will create a much more specific, positive, and helpful testimonial for you and your business!

Check out the full video HERE

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