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How to Get PERFECT Whites in Your Photos

When you are editing, do you ever struggle with your whites being pure white?? This is the EASIEST fix for that!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼

#1) Open Lightroom (must be desktop version)

Lightroom is my go-to editing platform. It can be tough to get started, but it has all the detailed preferences and tricks to get the photo EXACTLY how you want it!

#2) Set the Fill Color to White

To do this in Lightroom, click the preferences tab. Find interface and then click "fill color". You want to make the fill color pure white.

#3) Adjust Image as Needed

Once you have your fill color set, you can adjust the image to a PERFECT white! Not too yellow, and not too blue.

And that's it!! You did it!!! 🥳

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