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Is Starting an LLC Hard?

Is starting an LLC hard?

I'll let you decide this answer for yourself, but my opinion is no it's not hard.

Here are the basics of starting an LLC. It looks and sounds overwhelming, but it really isn't. Basically, you have to submit a form called "Articles of Organization" on the Secretary of State website. But there are a few other things you need to take care of as well.

This blog does not give every little detail. My purpose of writing this is to help you figure out if you think it's worth the effort - and give you a simple overview.

The main websites you'll use throughout this process are:

• SOS - Your state's Secretary of State website


• DOR - Your state's Department of Revenue website

Overview of what you need to do:

• Figure out your business name & see if it's available on your SOS website

• Register your business name on your SOS website

• Get an Assumed Business Name (or DBA, doing business as) - This is done from your county Register of Deeds 

Apple for an EIN (Employee Identification Number) with the IRS

• Submit "Articles of Organization" to your SOS website. This cost money, and the price is different in each state.

• Register your business online through your state's DOR website, and figure out what taxes you will need to pay. You'll have to pay sales tax if you are delivering a product of any sort.

One thing to note:

Check to see if your state requires you have an actual "business license." Many states don't make it mandatory, but some still do. After you dig into this stuff a bit and have questions, feel free to email! I LOVE entrepreneurship and would love to help in any way. :) 

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